Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sorry, TV Shows Ate My Homework

My apologies for not having posted much recently. First of all, I've been rather movie deprived (the only thing I've watched since Defiance is 12, a Russian remake of 12 Angry Men, which was very good, very interesting. I've always really liked 12 Angry Men, both the movie and the play). Second of all, my computer has been rather cranky lately, so much so, that I'm probably going to lose it for a few days next week to get the hard drive wiped. Third of all, I've been lost in television. As you may have noticed, I obsessed over True Blood and now that I'm caught up I've been focusing on the other series I picked up around the same time, How I Met Your Mother. I have also been revisiting Battlestar Galactica by sharing it with my mother (we do this; she gave me Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and James Bond and in return, I gave her Harry Potter, Cowboy Bebop, and Battlestar Galactica). So television has been ruling my life moreso than movies lately (plus, movies in theatres at the moment bore me. PLEASE let Funny People be good. I really want it to be good when it comes out this weekend).

Since I caught up with True Blood and, sadly, shifted focus to How I Met Your Mother, I have become intensely focused on the sitcom. It is very good. I am starting to trust television to actually be good sometimes again. I'm actually following more than five shows! I had to make a list to actually remember which shows I am watching (although I left off 10 Things I Hate About You. To make up for the fact that I actually watched the first three episodes as they aired, I missed tonight's. Yippee! I am mildly ashamed I am watching it, if you couldn't tell). Mind you, most of the shows I am watching are currently not airing as it is summer. And Chuck doesn't come back until March, which blows. But HIMYM is great. And Neil Patrick Harris is great. I am this much more intent on watching the Emmys this year (this is a challenge as I will be at college where we do not have cable in the dorms which wasn't a problem before but now I find it to be rather suck). I want to see him host. I'd also like to see him win.

I am one episode away from finishing season three and then... dun dun dun! Only one season left before I am caught up. I should be doing reading for school (I had been doing such a good job, then I started watching television) but, come on, books for a class called Narratives of Suffering are not as uplifting as laughing at HIMYM. Sitcoms that make me laugh... I missed that.

So again, my apologies for the lack of updates. Also for the probable lack of updates in the near future. Especially since shortly after my darling laptop will be wiped, I will be leaving the country for a weekish-long trip. And then I'll be back at school a bit after that. Oh summer, where art thou? At least when summer ends I will be that much closer to Nine, Sherlock Holmes, and Oscar-Bait Season. And most of my darling shows will be back on the air. Hurrah!

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