Friday, July 24, 2009

Vampiric Highlights

Okay I think I've decided that I do indeed like True Blood, a lot. And it's all thanks to Eric, ripping up a human asshole... with the foil from getting highlights in his hair still in. I find it absolutely wonderful that Eric was in the middle of getting his gorgey vampire blonde hair highlighted and was like "I think I'm going to go down to my creepy dungeon/basement place and see some human scum." I just hope he didn't ruin his highlights with all the blood, poor Lafayette watching from the shadows getting blood splattered on his face...

Other points/questions from the season two premiere which I watched last night: WTF IS Maryann? And isn't it at least a little creepy how she just had sex with some random seventeen-year-old robber? I also look greatly forward to Jessica's girl's night out with Sookie. And I could continue to ramble, but there's no real point. I just wanted to comment on how BADASS Eric is. I sortakinda love him just for those last couple minutes.

Also, currently watching Defiance. It's nice seeing Daniel Craig play NOT-Bond because he's an excellent actor but I do not like him as James Bond. Liev Schreiber's awesome. Aaand now I'm going to pay attention. Also, my blog is reacting really slowly to my typing so signing off. Gonna go watch some WW2 Jews kick ass.

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