Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stealing From My Livejournal Part XX

As I use my livejournal for little else except for movie rants and decided to switch over here, I thought I'd recruit some older posts so as to show a history. I'll bother with new ones as they come to me.

From January 7, 2009:

"The acting in Doubt was all kickass. But I found the movie to be, overall, kind of boring and monotonous. If there hadn't been such a fabulous cast, I would have been bored senseless and hated the movie, I'm sure. But all four actors were fabulous (and honestly, I think Amy Adams did a better turn than Viola Davis, but the latter is getting all the praise leaving Amy Adams to get shafted on occasion... not that Viola Davis wasn't excellent, but Amy Adams was my favourite part). Anyway, my point is that it deserves all the acting attention it has been getting but aside from showcasing some great talent, it was nothing fabulous.

Also rented and saw Kung Fu Panda. Absolutely adorable, but I keep hearing how fabulous it is and, well, it's good but not that good."

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