Monday, September 21, 2009

A Plethora of TV, Movies, and Such.

My major apologies for neglecting this blog so greatly over the past few weeks. Unfortunately, school has eaten my time and soul. That, and I picked up watching Dexter once I started school and am currently two seasons in.

Let's see, so much has changed since I last updated this blog and I will ramble onto numerous points here and there until I find that I have written something adequately updating in my movie/television/entertainment life.

Mind you, spoilers are for the following in case you're behind me: up to last night's Mad Men, up through season 2 of Dexter, up to always of Battlestar Galactica, up to the Emmys (which, if you haven't watched, you probably won't), and maybe a few other things. Just beware as you read.

First and freshest in my mind is, of course, last night's Primetime Emmy Awards. Neil Patrick Harris is fabulous and there is no doubt about that and I am quite saddened to know that he lost his Supporting Actor in a Comedy award that I believe he so deserved (granted, I don't think I watch any of the other nominated shows aside from How I Met Your Mother, which returns tonight), but he was a fantastic host. I tweeted during the whole thing (and got murderous glares from my one friend who said I spammed her twitter feed... I honestly didn't tweet THAT much... >.>), but mostly about NPH and BSG.

Yes, my darling Battlestar Galactica, which was so wrongly deprived of the Emmy love it dearly deserved. Season 4 is not the best season for Battlestar Galactica (tbh, every season is SPECTACULAR and none of the seasons are without blemish, but I'd say the season with the best track record is probably Season 2 with a) the Kobol plot at the beginning of the season, b) the Pegasus plot with Michelle Forbes' fabulosity and one of the most human Baltar moments when he visits with poor battered Gina, and c) The stunning ending to the season with that tense election and amazing time jump. Unfortunately, season 2 also has the Apollo/Dee nonsense and poor Billy's demise). BUT Season 4 features two of the absolute BEST episodes Battlestar Galactica has produced: The Oath and Blood on the Scales. Those episodes are BEYOND stunning for so many reasons. Although the Battlestar Galactica mythology is great and interesting, it occasionally gets bogged down, especially toward the end with the Final Five and Earth and all, but those two episodes were among the most human and realistic episodes BSG has ever produced. The building tension of the first episode that leaks into the second of the two-parter is beautiful, and it's just this wonderful return to form with the old characters we know and love (hooray Starbuck kicking ass rather than having an identity crisis!). I know that it would have made no difference for BSG to have those two episodes as its featured rather than the concluding episodes Daybreak, but I honestly think that those are the strongest episodes of season 4.5 and among the strongest of the entire series.

Backing away from poor Battlestar Galactica's final Emmy snub (and skirting around the Chuck snub entirely), let me focus on the positivity. About a year ago, the only television I habitually watched was Heroes. I had watched Gilmore Girls when it was on and I made a semi-effort to watch Mad Men, Chuck, and House, but I didn't give a shit about television much at all. So this is the first time I really gave a hoot about the Emmys (albeit a very small hoot; I still only watch maybe ten television series). I normally love awards shows but heard that the Emmys were usually boring (which, despite NPH's best efforts, it still was in many ways). But it was still a truly fun affair for me even as a not heavy television viewer, as someone who knew probably two thirds of the winners by name and the only television show that won anything that I actually watch is Mad Men. So good work to you, NPH. Hats off to the entertaining night (and to the fun liveblog I participated in at

Speaking of Mad Men, this new season has been the typical Mad Men slowness. I understand why a lot of people I know can't fully get into the show (even I'm not fully into it although I think it's generally spectacular and stunning), but I just watched last night's episode and I thought it was definitely good. There's nothing more unlike Mad Men than some guy getting run over by a tractor. I'm sorry, but blood on Mad Men just doesn't happen. It is not a violent show and that part of the episode really shook things up for me, which I loved. Also great this season is Sal (although he's been lacking a bit since the premiere, aside from his dance for Kitty), Peggy's bits here and there, Duck's sweater he appeared in last week, Joan as always, and Sally Draper. That little girl is amazing and while before the home life of Don Draper tended to bore me a bit, Sally has me loving every moment we get to see of the kids these days. They're no longer little walking, breathing props, but they are real people, which I love.

A show that is bloody, on the other hand, is (shock of all shocks) Dexter, which I have grown to really like over the two seasons I've seen so far. Of course, identity crises for serial killers are not my favourite thing (hello Sylar's bazillionth on Heroes), but aside from that, I like the show plenty. I also like the supporting cast quite a bit as well and I'm really sad to see Doakes go at the end of the second season. He was great to watch. Although I've heard the third season isn't so great, I'm still looking forward to watching it (planning on watching the season premiere once I finish this as I am currently stumped on my homework). SO glad Lila's gone. She pissed me the fuck off. For all her annoying, Rita is much preferable.

Movies... movies... well I finally saw Coraline, which was good, watched Fargo (yeah I'm behind on the times a bit, don't judge me), and saw both Inglorious Basterds and District 9 in theatres before I went back to school. Both were awesome for their various reasons. Loved the unabashed slaughter and Tarantino-ness of Inglorious Basterds, loved the originality (I know, my friend laughed at me for using the word "original" to describe a movie these days, but I truly think there is something very distinctively fresh about District 9) of District 9, loved both movies for being just so very good end of summer movies without sacrificing quality plot and script for fascinating visuals and big bangs (although both had both).

Although I haven't seen all the big name Oscar watch fall movies because, well, they're mostly not out yet (and I am busy and deprived of a movie theatre and strapped for cash), I am massively excited about a lot of them. I've been hearing great things about Up in the Air, and I'd love to see The Informant! and I've been excited about Where The Wild Things Are and Precious for a while. I love Clive Owen, especially when he's in actually good roles, so I'm also anticipating The Boys Are Back. I'm worried that The Road won't be nearly as good as the book (I just can't see it operating as well as a movie than how it is as a book), but I do love me some Viggo Mortensen and I did love the book, so I'm cautiously excited for its release. And of course, speaking of book adaptations, I am beyond beyond excited for The Lovely Bones. That preview is stunning and Saoirse Ronan is wonderful, so I am really looking forward to that movie's release as well.

Heroes, House, and How I Met Your Mother all return tonight, Gossip Girl's second episode of the season will be on, and there will be an interesting battle to see which one will be watched in the TV room. But whatever it is, I want to see all of them, so I will be satisfied.

Oh and I'm watching FlashForward when it starts Thursday. Love me some Joseph Fiennes, hope the show is actually good, and will see you again sometime in the future! I think my update has run quite a bit long here.