Wednesday, July 22, 2009

True Blood

I am a legit fan of opening credits for television series. It's always exciting to see some sort of (hopefully) professional mash-up to give a hint as to what the series is about, the characters in it, the recaps (I also like recaps and "next week on" segments... it's no shock that I am one of those people who hates missing movie previews), and on and on. When I recently started watching True Blood (currently at the start of episode 8), the opening credits were really something. These opening credits are awesome. No, they don't introduce us to the characters or give us a recap, but they give it such a feel in so many creepy yet intriguing ways (the way the entire series plays out for me). From the snake curled up and hissing to the one scruffy dude leaning back and forward in his rocking chair, the clips are just so intriguing. None more so to me than every time I see the one part that strikes a chord more so than any other part: when we see some surely 15-year-old girl grinding her ass into some middle-aged redneck. It's absolutely horrifying to watch, and every episode as I see the opening credits roll, I watch out for that part, watching the sad movements of this desperate-looking girl and this lecherous guy eying her as she, in all her way-too-much-eyeliner glory, rubs up against him like that's all she can do. Granted, all the clips are incredibly fascinating to watch, and the opening credits of True Blood are honestly one of my favourite parts of the show (granted, I like most of it, save Jason Stackhouse whose character annoys me more and more every episode in all his useless drug-and-sex-addicted assholery).

Here are the opening credits for any who have no idea what I'm rambling on about. Regardless, the show itself has really drawn my attention. I started watching, hesitant, because one friend described it to me as just a bunch of people digging up graves to have sex with corpses (none of which I've seen so far, but I'm only so far in), but got hooked pretty quickly. Minor (first season) Spoiler: you KNOW I was waiting desperately for Sookie and Bill to finally hook up and it was glorious when it happened, so much more enjoyable to watch than all of Jason's hookups... it got boring to watch him have sex really quickly but it just KEEPS HAPPENING STOP SHOWING IT... anyway... I'm totally annoyingly about pairings in series and if it works, it works. I find one or two OTPs (one true pair) in most shows I watch and I CLING to them (i.e. I will never get over Mohinder/Eden from season one of Heroes, I stood by Kara/Lee throughout all of Battlestar Galactica, etc.)

Anyway, as I was saying, True Blood has turned out to be good so far. As I was telling my friend, it's like if Twilight was any good. It has this same sort of forbidden romance appeal, but the characters are actually actual characters and well-rounded and vampire lore actually applies and if Sookie had caught Bill watching her sleep (before properly getting together and all) she would have been pissed. I feel bad comparing True Blood to Twilight though, because the former is actually good, but they do share certain similarities (even though it hasn't been said yet, I'm pretty sure Sookie's other suitor, Sam, is a shape-shifter). Also, forget Edward freakin' Cullen (god I hate him), I would much prefer Bill Compton any day (on top of being attractive and a gentleman, he has a personality, which is always a plus).

End point: the opening credits are fascinating to me and the show itself is totally addicting. Why else would I be up at 5am blogging about it while having episode 8 currently paused? Alright, enough writing, I got to get back to seeing what's up in Bon Temps. x)

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