Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stealing From My Livejournal Part XV

As I use my livejournal for little else except for movie rants and decided to switch over here, I thought I'd recruit some older posts so as to show a history. I'll bother with new ones as they come to me.

From December 25, 2008:

"Saw Milk. Omg so good. Such a quality film. Sean Penn is stunning as Harvey Milk, giving an excellent performance as quite a character that I knew was going to prove interesting from the first scene were he picks up his unknown-to-be-several-year-boyfriend James Franco (also absolutely fabulous, but I'll get to that later) shortly before e turns 40. Gus Van Sant really deserves a directing nod for this feature, it was wonderful. It was constructed so well with the time lapses done appropriately and the comedic and dramatic portions complementing very well. And, although this is all of course based on fact, the kind of self-mocking scene when the first real female character appears, replacing Scott/James Franco as the campaign manager and all the guys (they're all gay, of course, including little mister Sharpay's brother from High School Musical; he was adorable xD) react rather oddly, all being used to their sausage fest. Of course, the girl is assertive and a lesbian, so that contrasts a bit from the feministic behaviour of a lot of the guys on Milk's team. The supporting cast was fabulous too; Sean Penn didn't quite steal the show from them, they managed quite well. Josh Brolin, of course, as Milk's eventual assassin, played off so well, like a real person rather than just some homophobic douche, which could have easily been portrayed. But no, White was a more interesting character than that, wanting to work alongside Milk even though he didn't in the least support Milk's gay rights platform, and only snapping when it's appropriate, when he's lost his job and can't get it back and he just can't take that a gay man is upstaging him. Then, of course, you get Milk's team. Emile Hirsch was wonderful, James Franco was perfectly stunning, and Diego Luna was absolutely insane (which is spot on for his character). James Franco's Scott was just so perfect, I wish I could be a gay man and have a boyfriend as awesome as him (and avoid anyone like Diego Luna's character). That tender scene just shortly before Milk's assassination, when he calls Scott and talks to him, not long after Diego Luna's character hangs himself, leaving Milk perfectly alone to be assassinated, and tells Scott that he misses him as they watch the sun rise, is so beautiful. There are so many wonderful scenes in the film, but that scene... arguably my favourite.

Anyway, the point of that ginormous paragraph of a review is that Milk is an amazing film, and I highly recommend it. I was totally tearing up at the end even though you know from the opening minutes if you didn't already know anything about Harvey Milk that he's going to die by the end of this movie, assassinated, it was just that strong. It's not just the message that Harvey Milk is trying to bring (one that is still so prominent today; his time really wasn't that long ago), but the emotion that the film carries. I feel like I'm there with him, or I wish I had been at times.

Oh and a little weird note: the costumes and hair in that movie were so perfectly period. I loved it.

So that's one of my films to see down. Plenty to go."

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