Saturday, August 1, 2009

Granted, I haven't been to the movies aside from Harry Potter lately...

All caught up on How I Met Your Mother. Good timing too as it is now August and I vowed to read and finish Moby Dick this month (and I hope to read a few other books as well, including Pride and Prejudice and Zombies). And, as I have pointed out before, I cling tightly onto one or two pairings in all forms of entertainment that involve even a hint of romance (mostly and especially with television shows), and, yes, that pairing in HIMYM is indeed Barney/Robin.

New topic: Now, not long ago, both The Ugly Truth and Funny People were on my list of movies to go see. And even though The Ugly Truth got pretty bad reviews overall and Funny People's reviews were kind of eh, I still want to go see them (although I'm thinking I'll wait for The Ugly Truth to come out on DVD). Part of me enjoys seeing movies with mixed or not-so-great reviews because I might end up liking them anyway. Sometimes, it is really fun to disagree with the critic, audiences, or awards. I mean, I'm often sorely disappointed when I try to go against the critics and prove to myself that I can like a badly-reviewed film, but it happens. Why else have I seen Sleepover over a dozen times? So I still intend to go see Funny People. But this might also have to do with summer movies not impressing me much. Can there PLEASE be another awesome movie? Something as good, or nearly as good, as Up, mayhap? I am pouting.

Now excuse me while I lament my sad location of living. My parents are off to a wedding reception in an airport hangar (the farm where it was supposed to be is too wet, big shock). This is the utmost class.

OH and I saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince again. About the same reception as I had before: I liked it, surprisingly, but the actual plot of the Half Blood Prince is definitely slighted. Also, speaking of attractive skin? Both the youngest and younger Tom Riddle had extremely beautiful skin. That is all.

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