Friday, July 10, 2009

Twitter, Inception, And Tonight's Viewing Pleasure!

A) Check out my twitter for short tidbits that can't make it fully into blogposts. I know, I know, I refused to use twitter for the longest time, but it is cute. :D Plus, I feel less annoying updating that frequently over Facebook as I am expected to update my Twitter a zillion times.

B) I love how I have managed to make it into my personality as the go-to movie girl. If my friends have a movie related question to pose or something movie-esque to talk about, they go to me. I have gotten texts asking me what the title of a movie or the name of an actor is. They make me happy because I love talking about movies. Thanks to my darling friend Carley, who just alerted me to the new Christopher Nolan movie scheduled for next year, I checked out the Wikipedia page and got a brief glimpse.

Totally an Awesome Cast post, which she kindly enough pointed out. Leonardo DiCaprio is an amazing actor, for instance, but I admit that I am excited to see him work with a different visionary director than Martin Scorsese, which he certainly has a rapport with considering their extensive work together, but, again, it'll be nice to see him with someone like Christopher Nolan! Marion Cotillard has suddenly become a go-to actress for Awesome Casts, between Public Enemies (which, despite being rather mediocre of a movie, certainly has a good cast) and Nine (which I have become massively excited for), after her stunning Oscar-win last year (not to mention that she is beautiful). Ellen Page... well, we'll see. I honestly haven't seen her in too much aside from Juno (although, no lie, she was definitely good in Juno), but I am rather hesitant about Juno... I never liked all the major hype it got and, believe me, I am beyond sick of the "little Indie that could" stories. Unless we're talking legitimate, amazing indies like The Visitor. But onward! Cillian Murphy, I have to admit, I haven't seen much beyond the Nolan Batman series, but I loved him in the Batman movies, so I'm hoping for good stuff. And, of course, Ken Watanabe, always excellent. And, lastly, of course, Michael Caine. Because, in the stunning three Nolan films I've seen (yes, yes, I still need to watch Memento, don't harass me, I know), you gotta have Michael Caine.

Also, can we take a moment to absolutely love the premise? As quoted from Wikipedia: "Warner Bros describes Inception 'as a contemporary sci-fi actioner set within the architecture of the mind.'"

Now that sounds epic.

Oh snap. Hold the phone! I just went over to and they told me that my dearly beloved Joseph Gordon-Levitt is also going to be in Inception! Hot damn, this really is an amazing cast. Not to mention that via there is a suweet looking image of Nolan, DiCaprio, and Watanabe. They know this movie will be good. :D

C) Going out to the movies later. Unfortunately, there really isn't anything out just now that thrills me. Aside from Bruno, which just came out today. Which is one of the possible movies I will view. I will be sure to let you know how whatever movie I end up seeing today is. I need to get back on my game and view me some movies! That's what summer is for, isn't it? Gotta catch up on my work, here.

Oh and a PS: Let me express how glad I am that I Love You, Beth Cooper looks like it is tanking. Hayden Panetierre bores me. I really wish Claire on Heroes could die. Nooo instead, she's getting it on with ladies. Can the other lady have an Arthur Petrelli type power and steal her power so she can friggin DIE? /rant

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