Friday, July 10, 2009

Away We Gooooooo

Tonight's viewing pleasure before a whirlwind adventure of a night (that has little to do with movies except for the constant "we're totally in a horror movie! okay, so, who's a virgin? yeah, you're going to die first" and etc. bullshit) turned out to be... dundundun... Away We Go!

Now, I was pretty reluctant to see this movie as I am a little sick of "oh lol we're so witteh" indies, and the Juno ripoff font didn't entice me much. But I was delightfully surprised. The movie was hardly what I would call great or amazing, but it was definitely good and had some priceless laugh out loud moments. Luckily, it didn't focus much on "we're the ideal losers" kind of scenario that bores me (if that makes any sense), but instead had an interesting journey to bring us on. It was like HGTV's House Hunters except with way more laughs, wilder characters, and less focus on the actual house. In fact, zero focus on the physical being of a house (until the end). It was "so adorable" so as to quote my fellow moviegoer. But it's true, cute/adorable are probably the best terms to use to describe it. The whole time, we're just rootin' for the kids to find somewhere and settle down with their happiness. Luckily, they do, although it's hardly a transformation. This is the part I generally like about "indies" - they're less about escapism and more about some sort of realistic journey. My typical problem with that? The "realistic journeys" often have slim to none I can relate to. But this was an interesting tale, nonetheless.

Anyway, overall, I enjoyed the movie, although it was hardly the most memorable or spectacular movie. But that's just fine by me. And the visit to Montreal? Dude, I so want to live there now! xD

Now I just gotta go see Bruno!

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