Friday, May 14, 2010

TV talk-a-thon

I know I'm really pre-empting this, but I want to come up with some of my dream Emmy nominations that may not happen/probably won't happen.

Chuck: Best Comedy Series, Best Leading Actor in a Comedy, Best Writing for a Comedy Series (seriously, last year there were FOUR from 30 Rock... LAME), and I'm not sure who yet, but I feel as if at least one of the guest stars deserves a nod.

The Big Bang Theory: Jim Parsons for Best Leading Actor in a Comedy! And this time maybe a win? I'd also throw some props to Simon Helberg in supporting...

Glee: Well, we all know it's going to get a Comedy Series nod, but beyond that, I hope they don't go overboard with love and restrain it to a nod for Jane Lynch and (it'd be awesome if there was also a nod) for Chris Colfer in supporting.

Human Target: Total longshot, but wouldn't it be awesome to see Mark Valley get a Best Actor in a Drama nod?

Community: I'd love for a Best Comedy Series nod.

FlashForward: Can I get a nod for John Cho in supporting drama land? Or, if not John Cho, Dominic Monaghan?

The Vampire Diaries: I know The CW will never get recognized EVER, but seriously... Ian Somerhalder for Best Actor in a Drama? Best Drama Series even? And give something to that bitchin' supporting cast!

Caprica: Sci-fi will never make it... but Best Drama Series? Seriously, I love Mad Men and all, but Caprica is like ten times smarter than Mad Men, but with a robot (which ruins its chances). I'd also love to see either Eric Stolz or Alessandra Torresani get recognized in the leading categories.

Mad Men: Well, of course it'll get its usual bout of nominations, but I'm mostly just pulling for its finale getting its due. The rest of the season was good, not spectacular, but the finale and the lawnmower episode were stunning.

True Blood: Let's get some love for Nelsan Ellis! Maybe even Alexander Skarsgard, Deborah Ann Woll, Anna Paquin, Michelle Forbes, Rutina Wesley... aw hell, can we just nominate the entire cast? Also Best Drama Series, please and thank you. You already snubbed the show once last year, Emmys. Don't make that mistake again.

Dexter: Two names: Michael C. Hall and John Lithgow. Nominate the series if you'd like, just make sure those two are on the ballots.

I'm not even going to kid myself by suggesting Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl. If the Emmys wanted to recognize Leighton Meester's surprisingly excellent work on Gossip Girl, they would have done it last season when she kicked so much ass it was CRAZY.

Also, I like House, I really do, but I hope it gets snubbed this year. Maybe throw Hugh Laurie a bone because he's still been doing it well, but this has been an off season all around and there are much better shows out there that deserve recognition. Watch this be the year they actually recognize Robert Sean Leonard. Blaaaaah.

But then again, it's the Emmys. They are boring and predictable. Watch 30 Rock and Mad Men conquer again.

...ALSO, congrats Chuck for getting renewed for a fourth season, V for getting a shot at a second, and Human Target as well. I look forward to seeing you all in the fall. Vampire Diaries too, because that was one BITCH of a finale. Suchasurprisinglyawesometasticshow!