Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stealing From My Livejournal Part IV

As I use my livejournal for little else except for movie rants and decided to switch over here, I thought I'd recruit some older posts so as to show a history. I'll bother with new ones as they come to me.

From May 24, 2008:

"I'm excited for films. I am looking forward to the long anticipated Fanboys movie, finally being released this year. The Visitor looks really excellent and like the kind of relatively unknown films that attract me. The Brothers Bloom is being done by Rian Johnson, the mind behind Brick. Like everyone else, I'm dying to see The Dark Knight. Because I have faith in Pixar, I will, of course, see Wall-E. And these are just some films. There are the bajillion other summer blockbusters we all know about and then we will see some previews for the films that will surely be contending for Oscars.

I am a huge film nerd. And I love it."

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