Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pride and... Ooh, shiny!

Is my taste in movies suddenly bad? Did I acquire ADD recently or something? My prior concern about not being able to pay attention during adult dramas/slow-moving movies reared its ugly head yet again as I sit down to watch Pride and Glory. By sort of paying attention, I gleaned that it wasn't a bad movie, boasting albeit not a strikingly original or amazingly interesting plot but still something good and moving (the theme of loyalty is always an interesting one in crime dramas; although it's definitely been done better, the double bonds of family and police are interesting to watch). But once again, I just couldn't focus. Even after Colin Farrell's character threatens to iron a baby's face I still couldn't pay full attention. I did a little laugh toward the end as Edward Norton confronted Colin Farrell in a bar called Irish Eyes, however.

And the ending in its entirety was good. Getting there was a bit boring at times, but overall the movie was decent, the acting good, and my attention span coming and going. How bad was my attention span? I started twittering in the middle of the movie (they were some interesting tweets though, if I may say so myself). And I played a bunch of Solitaire and Scrabble during the movie too.

Granted, it's always harder to pay attention to DVDs than in movie theatres, and with a laptop right next to me... the temptation to check "hmmmm so how many times DOES the word fuck appear in this movie anyhow?" is difficult to resist (291 times for those interested to know). This is a recurring problem lately and I'm not sure if it's me, summer, or the movies. I'm going to have to find some sort of undeniably brilliant and captivating drama to experiment with this. Recommendations?

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