Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Also, notes:

- Caught up on Dexter. SO GOOD. Jesus, I don't understand why Michael C. Hall hasn't won an Emmy or Golden Globe yet. Love ya, Jon Hamm, love Hugh Laurie, love most of the repeat nominees, but my vote is going to Michael C. Hall this year. Just brilliant work this season (not to mention every season). I also understand the upset over Jennifer Carpenter being left off, at least at the Globes this year. Man, she was extremely powerful this past season. Highly impressive.

- Starting to catch up on House. And admittedly, a bit bored. Granted, I've never been intensely into House. Love Hugh Laurie, LOVE Robert Sean Leonard, love Lisa Edelstein, love Chase's accent, love Taub, loved Kutner... but I've never been particularly thrilled with procedurals. I'm still a few episodes behind though. I'll catch up soon.

- Seeing Sherlock Holmes tomorrow. Excited. Lykewhoa. I love RDJ. I tend to enjoy Guy Ritchie films. I love bromantic action flicks. So, this should be enjoyable if nothing else.

- icheckmovies has gotten me horribly wrapped into the world of watching movies. OH GOD WHAT A HORRIBLE PLACE. Kidding. But I did finally watch A History of Violence earlier and Saving Private Ryan and Artificial Intelligence are waiting for me. Not to mention my 15 or so movies on my external harddrive, the three or four DVDs I own that I've never watched, the few cool looking movies hulu offers, and all the movies I have yet to see in theatres (oh dude, I totally forgot about The Road in my last post... whoops... well, I'll see it). But it feels so nice to see my number go up when I watch a new movie! Like what happened after I saw The Blind Side on Monday. Whoo! Oh, btws, yes, Sandra Bullock was pretty awesome in it. Movie itself had me grimacing a little, but it was, for what it was, warm and gooey and enjoyable.

Rambling complete.

PS: Rewatching last episodes of Chuck. SO FRIGGIN EXCITED FOR ITS RETURN. SQUEE.

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