Tuesday, August 11, 2009

(500) Days of Summer...and don't mind the HIMYM comparisons.

I finally got to see (500) Days of Summer today. This has been a long time coming. Of course, loving Joseph Gordon-Levitt and being thrilled by the trailer, I've been keen on seeing it for a while. This past Friday, I was texted by a friend who requested we go see it together. Being epically psyched by this prospect, I was unfortunately busy that evening, but said that either Saturday or Sunday would be fab. Unfortunately, she never got back to me. Monday came around, and I was going to pressure my two besties into going with me (or at least the one that I was under the impression wasn't leaving for college in two days), but the one I assumed was more likely to be able happened to be heading off to NYC the next day and the one who was available, was clearly swamped by packing.

So I ran off by myself, which I do. I prefer seeing movies with other people in theatres, but I don't mind going by myself. However, by the end of the movie, I felt incredibly weird being there all by myself.

Although not a couple film by definition in the least, I have to say, (500) Days of Summer is the exactly the kind of date movie I'd want. But maybe that's just me watching it and feeling incredibly depressed by Summer's accusations that love is a fantasy. I don't like to get too personal here, but I've been rather companionship deprived for some time, and so watching Tom made my heart kind of shrivel up. I was extremely happy with the ending, however. And obvious spoiler alert here... I was simply happy that they had happy endings of some variety. And it all makes more sense that they didn't end up together. But even a failed "relationship" (as it was never really a romantic relationship) makes me jealous, especially for the couples around me in the theatre, whom I found, after the film, to be completely unworthy of being around each other unless it was something deep between them.

But perhaps I'm just a snob in that regard. And, like Tom, I've been buttered up by the movies into thinking love is either one thing or another or another. It's rather ridiculous, actually, especially when I think to myself, "so what movie will my love life look like one day?" because it certainly doesn't resemble any movie I've seen thus far.

On a note with less personal dissatisfaction, maybe it's my How I Met Your Mother craze combined with just seeing this movie, but is it just me, or are Ted and Tom more similar than the letters of their first name? I mean, come on, they're both hopeless romantics and aspiring architects in a big city falling in love with "the one" that's not really "the one." And to top it all off, they both have a single best friend and a best friend that is in a majorly long term relationship (of course, Barney and whatshisface are hardly anything alike). But really, the similarities are rather striking.

But anyway, all in all, (500) Days of Summer was a really excellent film, a really great movie that is both romantic and not, which is perfect in my opinion. It's deeply entertaining and enlightening to see a journey that doesn't pan out, but it's also nice to still see some satisfaction for our lovelorn hero.

Last tidbit: Mad Men marathon that was on today was totally awesome. I got a chance to watch a good chunk of it. It was nice to revisit season 2, considering that it has been quite some time and a trip down memory lane was useful. Also, it was fun to call Pete Campbell a tool several times while describing him to my Mad Men-less friend as I watched it and she packed her things. I am so psyched for season 3! Shame I'm missing the premiere to be in Venezuela with my aunt. x)

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